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November 16, 2014



Believe in yourself and you'll do great!!


You are beautiful, always. But boy do I get it. Reverting to those old ways is so easy and yes, how come what we know and what we do tend to be so far apart???


Oh, I know that comfort eating, especially this year (lots of deaths around me). However, I am slowly working on building up to rowing 30 minutes a day, four days a week, and even more slowly reworking what I eat. So, I hear you, I support you, and there's no way I would be brave enough to put photos of myself out there.


Wasn't that article great? Yes, the self-loathing just paralyzes I find, and I too have gained back a few pounds due to inactivity and stress related eating practices. Onwards with the reset and self-compassion.


What Carole said. So easy to slip.

Cheryl S.

I think it's very true that one of the key things is to find something that you enjoy doing.

Best of luck on your reset!


I'm right there with you on hitting the reset button and so far 6 pounds is in the bag. You've totally got this!!
PS..you are beautiful no matter what!


You look great in both pictures, friend! But, I'm so with you on the reset. I like the idea of a self compassionate approach to exercise.


Every day is a chance to start anew. Wishing you well!


I'm actually a little jealous. You signed up for a half-marathon, and you are going to kill it!


Good luck!


Kathy - just catching up with your blog... but you have to remember that you are amazing with all that you are doing! To run a half marathon is something MOST people can't even think about doing!! Don't beat yourself up!!!


Oh, man, don't I know it! Good luck with your training and the marathon (it'll be MARCH... springtime!). I think I'll go find a spring cycling event to sign up for... Thanks. ;)

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