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November 07, 2014



Yay for a tri! I'd recommend going to Belmont Wheelworks and look around and test ride a few bikes before doing anything else.


I wonder what it will be like to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as an adult. Hmmm.


Yay for putting the gauntlet down on doing a Tri. I think you'll love it. I have 2 friends who do them. Love your red clogs. I'm about to buy some red Keen Mary Janes.


I'm counting down the days until the publication of a new annotated autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder (Nov. 20). I don't know if this would fit into your reading the series, but it might be worth a try sometime. I've only seen one review, but it sounds as good (or maybe even better!) than I've been hoping. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2014/11/little_house_nonfiction_laura_ingalls_wilder_s_memoir_pioneer_girl_reviewed.single.html

Teresa C

I've been organizing my stash, getting it all on ravelry with storage info so I don't have to dig around to find anything. It is humbling and at 50+ I have a different perspective on my stash that I did 10 years ago. Like I might NOT really live long enough to knit it all.


That is the best pair of red shoes I've ever seen!! I love having my stash on Ravelry. I shop the stash all the time. My house become full of less everyday. It's a great feeling!


I unloaded about 200 pounds of wool/fiber over the last year and it feels great! I kept the best of the best and it is a small enough stash now that I know I can actually get through it in this lifetime.:)

Yay for the red shoes...love them, and a tri, I am so impressed! xoxo


Even if you go the Craigslist route for a bike, you might want to consider getting measured at a bike shop. Having a poorly fitting bike can cause knee problems and that sucks.


Love those shoes!! I've done the cycling part of a triathlon... I'd have a problem with the other two parts!

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