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November 02, 2009



Happy Birthday (again)! Glad it was an eventful an celebrated day. Love the cake! You make a cute cat btw. :-)


Happy (Belated) Birthday Kathy!


You may as well celebrate and enjoy it. Happy, happy birthday (hope you're celebrating all week!).


Happy Birthday!

Cheryl S.

Happy Birthday!

My husband's family is full of festive birthdays: He was born on Thanksgiving. One of his brothers was born on Halloween, the other on Mother's Day. Their mother was born on Valentine's day, and their father was born on his father's birthday. Whew!


Happy birthday! What a great excuse to eat excessive amounts of chocolate!


hahaha! I love it!! Happy Birthday my friend!


love the cake!
happy birthday!!!!


You look adorable! And the cake looks delicious. Happy Birthday again!


Happy birthday!!!!! My birthday is on the 1st and I have to say I always loved that. Treat or treating for candy and then wake up to presents. Your cake looks fab though!!


Happy Birthday. Great cake. I always loved having a birthday near Halloween. The sweets never end!


I still keep thinking your birthday is in November. Happy belated day! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.


Happy Birthday! You make a cute kittie!


Happy Birthday Kathy! And for the record, I think you make a cuter cat than Michelle Obama ;)

Jen B

Happy B'day - being a fellow Halloween baby, I have felt a bit of the same (fabulous as a kid & a bit lost as an adult). Glad you embraced it. That was my plan, but my kids ended up with suspected H1N1, so we chilled instead.

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