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January 05, 2009



One year I got sucked in by the Israeli hand cream vendors at the mall and bought some of their sea salt/oil goop. Damn if it doesn't work a miracle. Even the kids ask for it when their hands get too rough. Rubbing salt into raw hands is counterintuitive, but the oil stays on after rinsing and the hands feel almost like new. Just one warning: their sales pitch is aggressive!


I like Aveeno as a light weight moisturizer and I love Kim's hand cream, too. My face gets dry and flaky in the winter and that drives me crazy.

Account Deleted

Also watch for the "Heal my hands" folks at the S&W festivals, they definitely know what they are about.

I've begun making my own lotion bars and butters with great results. You wouldn't believe how easy it is. Winter itch really gets me (and it started in humid Louisiana, go figure) and I have plans to try a new formula this week with eucalyptus and mint because so far the best lotion I've tried that's non prescription is the Aveeno with eucalyptus and wintergreen.


I'm a fan of Trader Joe's Gardener's hand cream, Nivea lotion, and the Aveda hand lotion ($$$, though). When things get really ugly, Eucerin cream or Aquaphor seem to work miracles.


Hey grrl....I would be happy to send you out some handcream to sample if you email me your address :)


You'll love the book. It made me laugh out loud in the airport after Rhinebeck!
I use unscented lotions. Some of the scents can cause you to itch. Cetaphil is fabulous!


Oh and so is Kim's hand cream. Take her up on that offer!!


Hands down (ha! punny!) the best moisturizer I've used is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. http://www.aveeno.com/productDetail.do?prodid=3844 I put it on before bed every night and It's still on there when I wake up. Amazing stuff.

The Attic

I have an issue, aside from general dryness, in the winter with ONE thumb cracking. And bleeding. And it hurts, too. This year, it's also peeling. Lovely. For general dry, scaly body parts, I like Tone Sugar Beads body wash applied with one of those nylon poof things. And then a once-over with a nylon surgeon's scrub brush. Haven't found a cream yet that works for me.


I am the epitome of the Lubriderm commercial- no not the smooth skinned young chick, but the scaly looking crocodile. My hands crack and bleed in winter. I use several- Kim's cream is right up there! Take her up on her offer! I also have used Ben & Bev Chadwick's "Bee Natural Hand Cream"- in the rose scent as recommended by Cassie as well as Origin's Precipitation and Nivea. I actually grew up with Nivea as a kid in Europe.

sarah b.

Given that I have a small kid (aka a germ vector), I use the Bath & Body Works antibacterial lotion. That way I moisturize and antibacterial-ize all at the same time. :) I also like Burt's Bees stuff.


I love your comments because I'm using half of this stuff! Kim's hand lotion is nice and not greasy. Julie gave me a lotion bar last week and I've been putting it on my hands a couple times a day. It's hard to explain how it feels, but I like it. I rely on unscented Vaseline lotion for the rest of my body.


I'm addicted to L'Occitane's Shea hand cream - keep it in my desk at work, keep it on my dresser at home, and have a small tube in my purse! I like it because it's not too smelly, and I'm a fan of Body Shop's hemp lotion too.


Avon's Moisture Therapy or Glysomed, preferably unscented. I was a Chap-ans fanatic when it was made back in the day- the hand version of Chapstick, but the Moisture Therapy seems to be a replica.


so maybe your question was rhetorical but i'm going to put my 2 cents in. since we're both about the same age (right? give or take?) but you have kids and i don't, and you have dry hands and i really don't, i blame it on the kids. damn kids.

i don't have any real suggestions because i hate the feel of a hand cream but what i do try to do when i think of it is to put something with an spf on my hands. especially with all of the driving i do.

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