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October 21, 2008



The one thing I didn't miss was the crowds.


If you only had to have one picture at least it was a good one. I had the best time and I DID laugh until I cried.


I missed you guys! More sweater pics.


Great picture; you all look so happy!


It was great seeing you this weekend! I feel the same way - it was all about the company (definitely NOT the crowds :)


But what a great picture it is! Funny, the only one on my camera is three women (Elann buddies) with big smiles and I'm in the middle too. lol.
It was SO great to meet you and so many other bloggers that I've met online but not in person. SO looking forward to SPA now.


Hey, when did you take this? Where was I?? Oh wait, I see my little head in the backround talking to Deb. I didn't recognize the blonde hair. Haha!


I so totally agree about the crowds. I'm with Marcia hoping that all the newbies drop off deciding that knitting/spinning are too hard and leave us to our festival. It is definitely the friends that has me going yearly though and it is always a pleasure to see you!


It was great to see you - and witness your magic loop progress! ;o)


What a great picture of the three of you! It was nice to see you as always!


Great good fun! I see Cheryl in the background also.


It WAS fun, wasn't it? It was wonderful to see you all !


i'm glad i ran into you guys if only for a moment.

we have to stop using rhinebeck as an excuse considering we live relatively close. carole needs to have a party. heh


We did do a whole lotta laughing! It was wonderful to spend time with you all!!


Great photo of you three and Cheryl waaay in the back there! Glad you had so much fun!

Alarming Female

I miss you all! Look how cute you look.

I'm making some "lemon snap" tonight and thought of you!

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