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January 03, 2008



Wow that's a big box. Thanks for the recipe.


I really didn't need to see that.


That's a really big box - how cool!

julia fc

I am seriously excited about the flour ratio to chocolate, must. try. those.
My mom gave me the family recipes for christmas. Suddenly, at 44, I am big enough.

Beth S.

I don't think I have EVER made brownies from scratch! That seems wrong somehow. I will be sure to try yours. :-)

Happy New Year!


Greetings - great blog with a great title. I've been looking for fellow blogging, knitting, lawyers who celebrate Hanukkah! Happy new year, and thanks for the recipe!


I thought all chocolate had something or other in it, soy lecithin or like that, that made it not OK for Passover. Maybe cocoa powder doesn't?

Anyhow. Very cool box. And if I can ever eat chocolate again I will try this recipe.

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