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December 08, 2007



Laurie's soap is THE best, isn't it? Now I feel like I should invite you over so that you will bring me one as a hostess gift. :-)


What a super idea! I ordered some this fall and it's the best soap. Love Carole's logic. I saw the booklet yesterday in my on-line travels. Did you get one?

The Feminist Mafia

I totally agree -- that Blessed Juno stuff is wonderful! I got a bar with a knit-blogger gift and it's incredible. I can't wait to order more. Thanks for the reminder.

Teresa C

Mmmmmm. Your house must smell so yummy. Now, how do I get on your gifting list? :)

(Just kidding, I stocked up when I was in SLC.)


Laurie's soap IS the best and how wonderful my NE pals love the Ewe-tah grrl, too!


I'm the lucky recipient of some as well, and I adore mine. I hope those on your gift list know how lucky they are!

Happy Hanukkah to you :)


I love love LOVE Laurie's soap and can't wait to stock up on it THIS WEEKEND!!! I can hardly stand myself.


That's smart to stock up all at once -- I always think that I'd like to try products from different independent producers, but can't just ify paying shipping for something as small as one bar of soap! Lemon snap sounds like a great fragrance. I love citrus too!


Nothing beats handmade soap for bathing luxury! That sure is a nice gift to give. I've been using my handmade soap for over a year now and love it!


Lemon Snap is one of my favorites, too.
I bet that box smelled like heaven when you opened it.


Okay, at first I thought that all 23 bars were for you, and I'm thinking "Shopping SMALLER? No way!" :-)


What a great idea for gifts! I bet that box smelled heavenly...mmmmm :o)


Laurie's soaps are scrumptious!

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