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May 04, 2007



I think that would work on you.


I've been eyeing that one too - also wondering how flattering it is in real life.


Well, you could make a muslin of just the basic part, pin it together and see if you are happy.

Given the shape, it will excentuate (sp) the bust, if you care. The effect could be decreased by changing the band pattern to something that does not look quite as bobblely.

who hates to put knitting time into something that I thought was wonderful and now lives permanently on the shelf.


Since I trust Carole's impeccable good taste and she knows you in real life, if she says it'll work, it'll work!


That's my favorite in this issue too! I think it will look great on you. I'm thinking it will be a slimming garment, because of the shape.


I like Holly's muslin idea, but make sure it's a firm fabric b/c there doesn't seem to be a lot of drape in that sweater as knit.

Personally, I'm guessing it's for models only. I wouldn't knit it for myself because I think that opening in front would just create a frame for my pooch, like my beergut protrudes so much I had to cut the sweater away to make room for it.


Go for it! You won't know unless you try. :-)


It'll definitely accentuate the bust, and I wonder if it would drape so fluidly on a, ahem, mature body (speaking as one myself, you understand). But I may be biased against it because it's orange in the model shot.


I have been drawn to that item and have the exact same misgivings about it, but in my case I KNOW it would not be a good choice. The advise to make a muslin and try it on is good. Go for it and report back -- inquiring minds want to know.


What a great phrase: happily endowed. I think you are just going to have to give it a try. No way to predict the outcome.


It's uber cute! I say go for it!! :)


FYI - my teens suggested knitting in cotton, then wearing it over a ....belly button ring.



Hmm, I don't know about that one. If you make it, I'll be very interested to see if you like it.


That's the one garment that drew my attention as well. I say go for it. I'm about to check stash to see if I have anything that might work.


I think you should try it....it is a stunning design :)

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