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December 13, 2006



What a bummer! But I'm chuckling at both stories.


Thanks for the laugh!! I have a great image to end my day :) Hope to see you soon, I have definately missed you.


mmm crystal light slurpee?

so yesterday i'm in my car, with a cup of coffee in my hand, driving slowly down my street. everything's fine. under control. then a tsunami wave of coffee rolls out of my mug and spills all over me. my sweater, my pants, my steering wheel. i'm sitting in coffee. and i have a train to catch, so i can't go home and change.

luckily i was wearing navy pants and dark jeans. and i don't take sugar or milk in my coffee.

see? you aren't the only lucy.

luceeee you 'ave some splainin' to do!!!


One can only laugh.

Does grape stomping come next?


Laughing at both stories- sorry. I remember I Love Lucy as a kid and loved the "Lucy! You've got some 'splain'in to do!!" line.


I think you need to dye your hair bright red. :D

Bookish Wendy

I totally feel your pain. I have had so many of those moments the past few months, I can't ever remember them anymore. I blame it on the pregnancy. What's your excuse? ;)


Hmmm...crystal light slurpee sounds pretty good to me. Although avoid Sunrise flavor--recent lawsuit alleging they used toluene in the mix.


slurpee sloshed. ugh. :-)
thanks for the good giggles this morning.

Heather R

That's too funny. I can hear the live studio audience laughing along as well!


Oh no, slurpee disaster! That's a sure way to ruin a night.


does sound good...except the floor bit!!


A slurpee grenade...LOL

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