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May 23, 2012


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oh i understand this disappointment but don't despair. think of everything you've accomplished!


also look at the name of your blog -- slow and steady...


Well, I've been thinking about that. My history is not slow and steady -- its more procrastinate and then cram. But, with doing the running program, I've learned the value of slowly building up and am convinced it's the way to go. Now, to only believe!


Believe! I've been there and currently doing that. I found that I couldn't trade in and eat my activity points and also lose weight. Instead I just use my 49 extra weekly points. Keep up the good work!


I think 3 lbs is awesome and I'll be thrilled if I lose 3 lbs in the next month. But I do know what you mean and it's easy to get discouraged when that damn scale doesn't move in the direction and time frame that you want. I'm not doing WW but I am using MyFitnessPal on my iPhone and I think it's going to work out really well for me.


Just remember this is 3lbs closer to your goal. Keep up the great work.


You are doing awesome! Make the diet adjustments for June and see how it goes.

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