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December 26, 2013


Tricia Murray

I hope you keep with it! I'm always excited to see Knitigator (or Aqua Tortoise) appear in my RSS feed. Your posts are thoughtful, engaging and often inspirational.


I know Facebook is an easier way to stay connected but I still like the venue of blogging. Longer posts, more photos, and more. I hope you'll get re-inspired!


I love seeing your posts! I feel like I know more of what's going on with you. I'll see the photos on Facebook, so I know a little bit of what's going on, but when you post it here, I get your thoughts on whatever is happening with you guys.


Hoping you'll stay and not put the blog away. I miss your posts.


I'm of the same mind as Carole. Facebook is great for a picture and a note, but the blog has value as more of a diary of what happens, not just snippets. Of course, that means more time must be dedicated and there's the rub. If it fits into your life, then it would be great to hear more of what's going on in your life, which seems to be moving at quite a fast pace!


Well, I don't have any advice other than Just.Do.It. I don't know if I'm keeping it fresh (heh!), but I've been doin' it for almost 10 years. CRAZY! I agree with what Carole & Margene have written, and I like the "more" that happens with blogging, the thoughtfulness that comes from having to write more than a few dozen words, telling a story. Interaction in blogging is less than it's ever been and sometimes it's hard to know who your audience is... which is where it's value as a diary or record comes in; ultimately, it's something you do for yourself, and it's the more heartfelt, personal, "giving" posts that resonate most anyway. Always have.


...its value...

Cheryl S.

I feel the same way you do, and still don't know what to do about it.

Asking your blog readers what they think is probably always going to give you a "keep it" response, because, of course, they're the people who are still reading blogs. ;-D

It's really more important how YOU feel about it.

What the others have said, though, is true. Usually the things I put on the blog aren't things that I would put on FB, either because it's too much (in text/photos) for FB, or it's not something that's of interest to most of my FB friends compared to my other blog readers who aren't on FB. One really can't substitute for the other entirely.


I hope you keep blogging.


I know what you mean. FB is SO easy. But, Carole is right. A blog is a blog is a blog and none of the others really replace it when it comes down to pictures, posts and anything more than snippets.


Just getting caught up. I'm going to go with one more vote for "keep the blog". I link my posts to FB, but it's not the same thing.

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