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March 06, 2013



Wow, someone is cranky today ;)
In other news, I only know the song "Master of the House" from Seinfeld. Didn't even know it was Broadway. But now I have it stuck in my head, in George Costanza's voice...


I think you are right, Martha! I just re-read the post and it is one long bitch-a-thon. Oh well -- everyday can't be rainbows and unicorns, right?


lol! I'll second each of your bitches.


I third all of your bitches! LOL. I'll add those who leave NOTHING on the roll and just the roll itself. I kind of like the ring of Snowquester... :-) *ducks and runs*


I'm so with you on the Keurig business. Seriously.

Kathode Ray Tube

There's a woman in my workplace who also takes over the ladies room with oral hygiene products, makeup, hairbrushes, et al... She's a nice person but it seems pretty OCD to inflict that on everybody. Can't figure out why. Is she worried about parsley in her teeth?

Rachel Fier

HAVE NO FIER!! Thanks for the shout out!! Forget about annoying people at work. What about annoying people that YOU LIVE WITH!! I'd say the blinking low water light on the Keurig is pretty high on the list. Also, the recycling bin that is overflowing!! AGH!

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