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August 29, 2007



I just squealed when I read 'ski Deer Valley';-)
The way Ravelry works is much like my own stash/project organizing lists. I've not made a life list because it seems things evolve for me and that's been fine so far.


I had a life list about 5 years ago and it was very helpful. After a few months or so I had achieved--or set in motion--a good number of my goals. Then, I abandoned it. Hmmmmm.

I have a friend that swears by 43things.com for all her lists. Have you seen it?


Trust me, Kathy, it's Alta you want to ski at.


I don't have a life list but I decided that I'd like to participate in a demolition derby some day. Does that count?
And I do have a bird life list.


I don't have a life list but I can tell you what number one would be, if I did. RETIRE! :)


Lists are great things...........but I am forever either forgetting them or misplacing them...groan....

Great goals btw!!!

Beth S.

Interesting! Isee that many of your goals are travel-related, and that is an excellent thing.

The closest thing I have is an old wish list of projects on my work computer, and it's fascinating to see how few of those projects I'm still interested in a year or two later.


You're welcome to come visit me in Chicago someday, Kathy...if I ever get there myself. ;-)
Japan, a worthy destination. Don't take that off your list.


This is great. I'm going to start my lifelist this weekend and see what comes up. I HAVE been postponing. Too much.


My book club just read a book called "The Next Thing On My List" which had to do with something like this. At our meeting, we all shared five things that would be on our list -- it was so interesting to do and share as a group, very affirming and even a little empowering, definitely strengthened our knowledge of each other and our connections.

Heh, I do draft email/notes to myself all the time, too! I can access it from any computer!


No life list. Only constantly changing interests. I enjoyed reading yours though!


I'm going to come up with a list. The top item is to stop worrying about how to find enough $ to retire. I spend too much time doing that.


I too draft e-mails to myself with various headings- usually in list form. Need to start up a Rhinebeck one. :-)

In terms of lifelists.......travel does fit in there for me : going back to Greece for a month during the summer to visit my childhood home- almost went this summer and glad we didn't due to the extreme heat and now the devastating fires. And that James Taylor concert at Tanglewood? That would be wonderful- adding it to my list :-) One more.....being able to knit lace like some of my friends!


What a great list! :o)


hmmm, it seems that you'll be doing some travelling in your future ! may all your wishes come true.

Miss Scarlett

Oh yes - come to Vancouver! I am just one hour away...Vancouver BC that is. I am a little further from Vancouver Washington!

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